Computer and Network install or Repair

Needing an upgrade or a complete install. We can install all types of network installs … Continue readingComputer and Network install or Repair

Backline and Equipment Rental

For most types of events if you need backline or reinforcements. check our prices.. and if we don’t have it we will point you to the right person … Continue readingBackline and Equipment Rental

Website Design

These days, having a website is essential no matter what type of business you run even for personal portfolios, but just having a website isn’t enough—your site needs to be well laid-out, attention-grabbing, fast, mobile-friendly, and adaptable to whatever the changing landscape we call cyberspace can dish out—and that’s what we deliver. … Continue readingWebsite Design

Graphic Design

Graphic design and illustration plays an important role to communicate your message through visual graphic to reflect the unique identity of your business. Our unique graphic design services helps clients to boost up their business revenue and impresses their clients. At Konnex Grafix , we create unique graphic designs according to the expectation of our clients. … Continue readingGraphic Design

Security Services

We can provide security services and or refer you to a larger security group that can cover the event or service needed … Continue readingSecurity Services

Equipment Repair

Rate $100/hr + Parts We work on many many parts. If you think its fixable. submit a detailed intake form to see what we can do for you! Click Here

Audio/Video/Security installations

From home to office to property to business building we provide a vast different applications for video monitoring for security applications to home theater installations. … Continue readingAudio/Video/Security installations

Studio Mixing/Tracking/Mastering

Rate $125/hr A1 is the primary audio engineer and is responsible for the technical design of the sound system (PA, mics, wireless and more) as well as the live sound

DJ for Weddings/Private Events/Festivals

Whether you are looking for a DJ for your wedding or you private party we have everything you need for an amazing time. … Continue readingDJ for Weddings/Private Events/Festivals

Live Audio Engineer (A1)

Audio has played the most primary technical role before lighting and video ever came into play. The skill set and professional experience of an A1 can make or break a show. … Continue readingLive Audio Engineer (A1)